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Bone Broth and why you should be drinking it

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      Since the weather has finally cooled down enough here in San Diego to enjoy making bone broth and soup again, I decided I should write a post to explain to you all the benefits of real bone broth and how easily you could incorporate it in to your diet.  Bone broth isn’t… Read more »

Holiday “to-go” sides!

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Every year I offer a Holiday side dish service to save you all the headache and the hassle of trying to cook a million things for your family and friends on Thanksgiving.  Below is the menu with pricing for 8-10 people.  All of the items are gluten-free and several are paleo as well.  I am… Read more »

Learn to shop gluten-free and paleo with Chef Joann

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On Friday October 10th at 6pm I will be hosting grocery tour at the Whole Foods Market in Del Mar, CA.  All are welcome.  I just ask that you please email me to let me know if you’ll be attending.  During the walk I will be discussing with you the benefits (in my opinion) of… Read more »