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One-Ingredient Ice Cream

// Dessert / Gluten Free / Recipe / Vegan / Vegetarian.

I’ve never been particularly fond of bananas. It might be the years of smoothies my dad made for my breakfast as a child, but I’m more inclined to think it’s the texture. They’re just so… mushy. That’s why I was blown away the first time I tried this one ingredient ice cream made entirely from… Read more »


// Entree / Gluten Free / Vegetarian.

  February is a difficult month for seasonal produce. It’s lodged in the desolate space between the lushness of spring and the heartiness of winter. After a while even the strictest of seasonal eaters will be craving something brighter. Snacking on something that reminds us of spring, however, isn’t as easy as running to the… Read more »

Celery Mash: A Mashed Potatoes Alternative

// Gluten Free / Recipe / Side / Vegetarian.

Source: Spark Recipes Though this recipe comes to us via Spark Recipes, we were inspired by the absolutely outstanding Brooklyn restaurant Five Leaves, funded by the estate of the late actor Heath Ledger. Celery mash is a gluten-free, healthier and much more fun spin on mashed potatoes, with only a few ingredients required. INGREDIENTS (4… Read more »