Everyone’s Personal Chef

// Gluten Free / paleo.


 + Eat healthy, nutritious, organic, gluten-free & paleo
+ Customizable weekly meals on the go
+ Now having a personal chef is accessible & affordable


+ Each meal feeds 2-3 people.
+ Organic & gluten-free ingredients.
+ Meals are packaged in glass containers to safely reheat in the oven.
+ Delivery and pick-up options.
+ Custom packages with discounts available for larger families.


+ For only $200 per week you receive 5 different meals.
+ All meals can be made paleo for only $20 more per week.
+ Initiation fee of $95 gets you glass containers that are yours to keep
should you discontinue the service.

Email Chef Joann or call 925.383.3623 today to get started!

Healthy and delicious. Want more food porn? Follow Joann’s culinary adventures onInstagram.
Going gluten-free? Want to try a paleo meal that actually tastes good? Meet Chef Joann!
The taste of summer. View the summer menuor check out some of Joann’s favorite recipes on the blog.
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