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Pete’s Quality Meat

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This place is an original “dive” eatery. I am not sure how long they have been in business, but from the looks of it I would say they probably opened in the 70s. Employed at Pete’s are: Pete, Pete’s brother and a woman…that is totally bad ass for putting up with these two guys. There… Read more »


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  February is a difficult month for seasonal produce. It’s lodged in the desolate space between the lushness of spring and the heartiness of winter. After a while even the strictest of seasonal eaters will be craving something brighter. Snacking on something that reminds us of spring, however, isn’t as easy as running to the… Read more »

Gluten-Free Certificat​ion Laws

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“Gluten-Free” has become a bit of a buzz phrase in the last few years, owing to increased awareness of celiac disease and other types of gluten intolerance, along with savvy marketers looking to find a way to position their product. When it comes to labeling regulations, however, the classification starts to get a bit fuzzy…. Read more »