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Celery Mash: A Mashed Potatoes Alternative

// Gluten Free / Recipe / Side / Vegetarian.

Source: Spark Recipes Though this recipe comes to us via Spark Recipes, we were inspired by the absolutely outstanding Brooklyn restaurant Five Leaves, funded by the estate of the late actor Heath Ledger. Celery mash is a gluten-free, healthier and much more fun spin on mashed potatoes, with only a few ingredients required. INGREDIENTS (4… Read more »

Gluten-Free in the News: Starbucks

// Breakfast / Dessert / Gluten Free.

  Looks like Starbucks stores in New York haven’t quite figured out how to cater to gluten-free folks, as they’ve recently discontinued selling their gluten-free orange Valencia cake after only three months of poor sales numbers. Though they’ve replaced the cake with the much healthier Kind Fruit + Nut Bars, not everyone seems to be… Read more »

Winter Ingredient: Brussels Sprouts

// Appetizer / Gluten Free / Recipe / Vegan / Vegetarian.

  Over the past decade or so, brussels sprouts have gone from bad childhood memory to a delicious staple of organic gastropubs and American Nouveau establishments, especially during the fall and winter months. What’s more, they’re an excellent source of veggie protein, antioxidants, and beta-carotene for anyone on any diet, and an overall go-to staple… Read more »